Wednesday, 6 February 2019

4 Megaprojects That Could Reverse Climate Change | Answers With Joe

Flood the desserts with Desalinated seawater and irrigate Bamboo plantations/forests
using Molten Salt Reactors. An MSR is currently being put into service with the Canadian,
New Brunswic municipality. The SSR-W will also use nuclear waste. Its massive waste heat
will provide limitless distilled water - the new oil.

Bamboo is cropable after a year, can be used as building material, lighter than alumina,
stronger than steel, if soaked in Borax. It shoots itself,  doesn't need replanting. Its shoots
are edible. The trimmings are mashable to give a cotton substitute requiring a fraction of
the water required for cotton production. Combines the albedo of grass with the
carbon capture of trees.

A real-estate opportunity at this time of rising sea levels.

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