Monday, 21 January 2019

Negative Emissions

In this discussion, Tim Rumage (Coordinator Environmental
Studies)points to the need for "Negative Emission" as
distinct from "Zero Emission". This can only be achieved
by flooding the desserts with Distilled/Desalinated seawater
onto plantations of Bamboo.

The power for pumping distilled water from the coast
to the centre of desserts can be achieved with Molten
Salt Reactors. SSR/LFTR reactors are just a couple of
years away from certification. Their colossal high
waist energy is ideal for desalination.

Some types of Bamboo can reach full height in two
years, cropped in one year. All bamboos reseed
themselves, shoot themselves, no need for replanting.
Since Bamboo is a type of grass it becomes the perfect
combination of high albedo and high carbon capture.

The issue of rising sea levels is addressed, as desserts
are converted to fertile real-estate opportunities.
Governments can invest in such projects and expect massive
returns as the private sector takes an interest.

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