Monday, 14 January 2019

Investing in Climate Change

Investing in the centre of Desserts as the Real-Estate
opportunity of the Globally Warming Climate.

Stable Salt Reactors, being just a few years from licenced
approval, have the interesting characteristic of a
super-high-temperature excess heat, simply begging
to Desalinate sea-water: an endless supply of distilled water
for a Bamboo plantation to carpet the worlds desserts:
simultaneously greening them while
capturing atmospheric CO2.

Greenhouse gasses may not be a cause of Climate Change,
but reducing them can only help reduce Global Warming:
while a cover of grass must improve the planets Albedo.

There is little time left for realising such an investment,
while Photosynthesis remains fully efficient, before
Chlorophyll gets (degraded) cooked.

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