Monday, 21 January 2019

Threat to Our Life Support Systems

In this discussion, Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter points out the threat to the
very air we breathe. Though does indicate some possible “benevolent opportunities“
in this “tipping” scenario, though does say these are uncertain, there is not yet any
consensus. Elsewhere he talks about ways to reverse the accumulation of CO2.

One possibility is to flood the desserts with Distilled/Desalinated seawater onto
plantations of Bamboo while the efficiency of Chlorophyl remains optimal:
before it cooks.

The power needed for pumping distilled water from the coast to the centre of
desserts can be achieved with Molten Salt Reactors, which neatly avoid all
the problems of high-pressure water cooled reactors. SSR/LFTR reactors are
just a couple of years away from certification. Their very high level of waste energy
is available for limitless desalination. The SSR type works from gravity so has no
need for pumps, reducing complexity, cost and size so as to enable excellent
location availability. The LFTR type will almost certainly exhibit similar features.

Some types of Bamboo can reach full height in two
years, cropped in one year. All bamboos reseed
themselves - shoot themselves - no need for replanting.
Since Bamboo is a type of grass it becomes the perfect
combination of high albedo and high carbon capture.

The issue of rising sea levels is addressed, as desserts
are converted to fertile real-estate opportunities.
Governments can invest in such projects and expect massive
returns as the private sector take an interest.

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