Tuesday, 25 December 2018


24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention
on Climate Change, known as COP24
“...Despite the dire situation, the world could still tackle climate change
effectively, he said. Saying it was too expensive to do so was "hogwash".  "For every dollar spent restoring degraded forests, as much as $30 can
be recouped in economic benefits and poverty reduction," Mr Guterres said…”

Irrigation at the centre of Desserts is simply a matter of putting “Stable Salt
Reactors” in the right places.  Seawater is distilled/desalinated, piped and
pumped from the coasts to the centre of desserts. SSR’s are just a few
years away from fully licenced deployment. They run on Gravity so don’t need pumps, whilst small enough to ship on the “back of a lorry” and are easily clustered/scaled - optimum of eight to a gang.

If SSR’s were developed for Military use,  eg. the Royal Supercarriers,
they would become available very much sooner for Climate Change Reversal.

A truly “disruptive game changer”; an investor's wet-dream.  If the oil
companies went for this, events would follow quite rapidly.

Instead of capturing CO2 from power station exhausts and piping it
underground, simply grow Bamboo in the centre of Desserts and store
that underground. This fertilizes the Desserts, making that territory available to flooded
Island dwelling communities looking for a new home.
But then again, why not do both?

Bamboo grows on sand, crops within a year, reaching full height in two, is
as light as aluminium whilst being as strong as steel, and mashes up to
yield a cloth with many of the characteristics of Cotton, though requiring a
tiny fraction of the irrigation and requires no replanting at all; they shoot
themselves and these shoots are edible, thus providing a secondary food crop.

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