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Reversing Global Warming: II


A Road Map for Reversing Global Warming.  

Clawing CO2 out of the atmosphere.  Putting carbon back into the ground. 

CO2 remains in the atmosphere ten times longer than the fallout from Chernobyl. 

Currently, ten times as much CO2 is in the atmosphere than at the time of the 
previous Mass Extinction due to Climate Change.  Thus, in our time, consequences 
may develop ten times more rapidly.

To reverse Global Warming, Carbon Dioxide must be extracted from the 
atmosphere, while putting carbon back into the ground, to, e.g. fertilise the 
worlds desserts etc. 

On a Global scale, a simple biological process is the only practical solution.  

A Sustainable process of Photosynthesis together with vital irrigation and its issues 
of Desalination plus the power to drive it? 

Bushes not Trees, quicker growth for massive leafage and support for biodiversity, 
i.e. the bottom end of the food chain.

Possible candidate: Rhododendrons; varieties with prolific growth, broad 
dark _evergreen_ leaf.  Articles online (Wikipedia) indicate that the Rhodo is
extensively adapted and suitably high-yielding, so therefore suitable for genetic 
engineering. Though present incarnations might be up to the task.  Furthermore, 
Rhodies need good drainage, making them especially suitable for deserts eg. Sahara.  

A soil consisting primarily of sand coupled with an abundance of distilled irrigation 
would be worth investigating as a first shot.

Issues of Desalination and Irrigation and the power driving these? 

Who pays for this?
The societies putting the Carbon into the atmosphere initially might want to think about this.

How is it to be paid for?  
As the cost of energy production falls, the retail price could be maintained,
thus providing a source of revenue for this project.

Thorium fueled Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors (MSR’s) are likely to be some
10 years away: while Fusion Reactors no doubt will eventually join the game,
though perhaps not in the time frame relevant to this project.

Meanwhile, Wind/Solar/Tidal generation will at least set up an infrastructure
with which to distil/irrigate a “carpet for the deserts” with a proliferate evergreen bush.

During this period, pollution will be gaining:  Emissions continue to belch
forth until MSRs etc. come online.  After which emissions reduce to an absolute
minimum.  At which point the Biological processes will leap ahead as MSRs
provide the necessary (clean) energy for massive Desalination and
Irrigation projects.

These power sources are ten odd years down the line, just need to cope until then.

Just how long will it take to capture enough CO2 to reverse Global Warming?  

Chain-saws became reliable and affordable around the 1960’s.
Thus the assault on the planet’s lungs began.
By 1990’s half the planet’s forest was gone. This on top of Carbon emissions.

Carpeting the desserts with proliferative bushes/shrubs would
completely regenerate the planet’s lungs.

Not that this would ‘hoover up’ the CO2, but it undoubtedly would
contribute to the reduction of the effects of these emissions to
maybe the extent of the prior mass deforestation.  Furthermore,
it would do this in pretty much the same timescale.

A problem of tipping the balance the other way and inadvertently bringing
in an Ice Age with consequent lowering of Sea Levels?!?!

Must be cheaper than setting up a Mars colony, or a couple of Carrier Fleets.  

Imaginative, inventive, constructive, out_of_the_box comments are most welcome. 
Never be afraid to fly a kite so as to have it shot down in a ball of flames.  The best 
solutions are arrived at in these "brainstorming" ways.

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