Monday, 8 October 2018

Reversing Climate Change

Reversing Climate Change

Carbon must be extracted from the atmosphere and put back into the ground.

A roadmap for carpeting the desserts with prolific bushes/shrubs for faster results
than tree planting to produce the desired objective of broadleaf cover, so that
Solar energy drives Photosynthesis, thus decarbonising the atmosphere.

Additionally, a need for more Real Estate to compensate for the reduced land area.
Governments would cash-in on increased land value, over and above that due to
rising levels, to offset the costs of the project.

Prolific species, deciduous and evergreen. This combination giving both year-round
photosynthesis and ongoing soil nutrient.

A possible candidate being Rhododendrons, which grow like weeds in the UK, even
within forested areas. They harbour insects, fungi, birds etc: the bottom end of the food
chain. And do well in good draining soil, which dessert sand would offer.

The principal problem, of course, being irrigation. The enormous energy needed to
desalinate, pipe and pump water from coasts to seeded sites in dessert centres. A need
for military resources: WWIV.

Renewable energies are getting better all the time. In the next decade, Thorium Molten
Salt and Fusion Reactors could accelerate the project to its practical completion.

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