Wednesday, 12 September 2018

World War IV - WWIV

A military approach is called for.
All we have is a couple of decades. 
Pulling Carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it back into the ground must take on a high level of priority and operate on a massive scale.  Carpeting the centre of desserts with evergreen bushes - e.g. Rhododendron with its prolific growth rate - will provide leaf mass more quickly than trees, while creating an environment for "the bottom end of the food chain".
            The problem is in the irrigation/desalination.  Drilling for groundwater is, of course, one tactical solution, but a strategic solution requires a massive drive to pipe and pump water from the sea.  This would cover any and every situation and location.  It would require military budgets, but the situation is desperate and warrants this kind of urgency.
Rouge World leaders do present problems, but traditional Allies must work together and go for the results. All we have is just a couple of decades.

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