Friday, 21 September 2018

Naturist and Social Nudist Women

Reversing Climate Change
               A blog to address the problems:- 
              It is open to everyone and input from Naturist and Social Nudist women would give credibility and innovation to this movement.
              It is very ambitious but at the same time simplicity itself.  It has technological challenges, but with only a couple or few decades still left to us to avoid irreversible change, these challenges must be solved, even if it meant contributions from military resources.   
             The solution hopefully would appeal to the wonderful minds of naturist women - carpeting the very centre of the worlds desserts with bushes and shrubs such as Rhododendrons, evergreen and deciduous.  
            Bushes rather than trees to produce a dark-leaf mass sooner, also to provide some habitat for the "bottom end of the food chain".
            Evergreen, to maintain photosynthesis all year round, Deciduous to put nutriment into the ground.  
            The technical problems would only arise if this simple idea gained traction and took off.
             Thanking you for your interest thus far.

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