Monday, 10 September 2018

At the very centre of the Worlds Desserts:

At the very centre of the Worlds Desserts:
Clawing CO2 out of the atmosphere:
Putting carbon back into the ground.

Researchers are telling us that we only have a couple of decades to reverse Climate Change
if we are to avoid “tipping” into a “hostile” planet of ever increasing weather extremes,
with all that goes along with it.  Several tipping factors are described, any one of which could
cause the others also to tip in a “domino” effect. Ocean acidification and subsequent
decline of floral plankton, the planet's lungs, in an era of affordable and reliable chainsaws:
the result of CO2 absorption.
Hothouse Earth Researchers explain Climate Threshold:-

Elsewhere, others point out that we have ten times the level of atmospheric
carbon than was present at the previous hot house mass extinction.
Busting Climate Change Myths | Answers With Joe
Climate change is already irreversible

The solution offered here would consist of laying a carpet of evergreen bushes, eg,
Rhododendrons, etc. at the very centre of the world's major deserts, letting them
spread prolifically whilst supporting biodiversity - the bottom end of the food change.

The principal problem, of course, being irrigation and almost certainly desalination.  
The power needed to purify, pipe and pump water these enormous distances could
initially come from Renewable Energy Sources.  Later, Thorium Molten Salt Reactors
will become available. The costs would be less than a Mars colony or a couple or few Navy carrier fleets. Particularly since the US army had already installed a nuclear
power plant under the ice sheet in Greenland in the 1960's - in total secrecy.

We also have reports of promising solutions involving grazing desserts around their edges,
How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change
China Invents Paste To Make Sand Fertile
But will these in and of themselves be enough to avert the onset of a hostile planet?

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